Donna Marston

Donna Marston, a Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW), has experienced the profound impact of recovery through her son’s journey, who has been in long-term recovery since 2008. In her role as the Parent Education Program Manager at Harbor Care’s Peer Recovery Support Services in Nashua, NH, she leads the organization in its mission as the facilitating entity for the state. Donna’s advocacy and support for families extend well beyond her job description; she became a prominent advocate for families through the “Anyone, Anytime” campaign.

In 2011, she established Families Sharing Without Shame, a group dedicated to providing comfort and understanding to those with loved ones facing addiction. Through “Sharing Without Shame,” she now conducts private coaching sessions, offering guidance and support to parents dealing with their children’s addiction, empowering them with strength and resilience.

As an author of books like “Peeling The Onion,” “Just for Today,“Sharing Without Shame,” and “Healing Without Shame,” Donna sheds light on the pathway to recovery, affirming that there is always hope and potential for healing, even in the most challenging times.