The Power of Self Advocacy!

Learning to speak up for your needs, wants, and wishes can increase confidence and nurture self-esteem. Self-advocacy heals damage caused by disempowerment, restoring your voice and self-worth.

As a beautiful form of self-care and self-love, it makes you feel more powerful, capable, resilient and connected to yourself. With more self-advocacy comes more positive feelings and better life experiences.

Are you tired of feeling powerless? Ready to explore self-advocacy and what it means for you? The time is now to speak up for yourself!

The NH Opioid Abatement Trust Fund & Advisory Commission: House Bill 1639 established an opioid abatement trust fund and the advisory commission that will oversee it. DHHS, in consultation with this commission, shall use the fund to support programs associated with the prevention, treatment, and recovery of substance use disorders.
The New Hampshire Governor & Executive Council: New Hampshire has an important group that advises the Governor called the Executive Council, sometimes called the Governor’s Council. The Executive Council: The Executive Council reviews the Governor’s big decisions on things like contracts worth more than $10,000 dollars. Individual state contracts can be reviewed on the website, giving a rare glimpse on how the substance use disorder field is being developed in the state.
Advocacy Groups

New Futures: New Futures supports state and local policies that promote New Hampshire's public health, improve prevention, treatment, and recovery programs, and increase healthy early childhood development. Its policy perspectives are grounded in evidence-based areas of focus that are proven to raise public health outcomes.