Careers for People

In Early Recovery

Don’t just survive. Learn how to thrive.

Embarking on a new career path can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but for those of us in recovery the challenges may seem even more overwhelming. 

With the right mindset, strategies, and support, you will be unstoppable, though, and it is entirely possible to build a fulfilling and successful career, whether within the treatment and recovery system or in any other field that aligns with your passions and skills. On this page we’ll explore online resources, practical tactics and invaluable insights to help you navigate the job market.

As a person in recovery, you have already demonstrated resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges. These unique qualities — not to mention the unique insights and experiences you’ve gained throughout your journey — are invaluable assets that can be channeled into building a fulfilling and successful career.

Whether you aspire to work within the treatment and recovery system, where your firsthand knowledge can inspire and support others, or explore other fields that align with your passions and skills, know that your path to professional growth is filled with opportunity. You deserve nothing less. 

New Hampshire Job Boards

The NH Center for Nonprofits Jobs page, with over 50,000 monthly visits and endorsements from nonprofit leaders as the top resource for finding quality employees, is essential for nonprofit hiring and job-seeking; bookmark it and visit frequently or subscribe to the weekly Nonprofit Jobs newsletter for the most extensive listing of New Hampshire’s nonprofit job opportunities.

NHADACA is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing addiction professions in NH. Through workforce development activities, education and advocacy, we strive to enhance the knowledge and skills of addiction professionals, advance licensure, increase awareness of addiction issues in NH, and promote programs and policies that ensure access to high quality services for NH citizens struggling with addiction.

National Job Boards (New Hampshire Specific Positions)

Employment at New Hampshire Recovery Centers

White Horse Recovery

White Horse Recovery, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with locations in Ossipee, North Conway, and Littleton, NH, offers comprehensive secular and faith-based behavioral health services including mental health counseling, substance use disorder treatment, and holistic recovery support programs, welcoming individuals at all stages of their recovery journey with a commitment to providing care regardless of ability to pay.

Hope for New Hampshire Recovery, located at 293 Wilson Street in Manchester, NH, provides peer support, telephone recovery support, and a judgment-free space for those seeking or maintaining recovery, offering diverse meetings and activities like arts and music

TLC Logo

​TLC seeks team members that have exceptional work ethic and like to have fun while making a big impact on our community. As an organization, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We welcome applicants from all walks of life.

Archways, driven by firsthand experiences of life's hardships, aims to strengthen and empower families and the community through peer support, positive relationships, and education, with a mission to promote health, well-being, and self-sufficiency, envisioning a community where individuals and families have the resources to thrive.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center supports individuals seeking recovery and their families by providing a welcoming environment, best practices in peer and recovery support, and evolving wellness and enrichment programs, with a team of dedicated peer counselors who receive training, supervision, and support to empower others on their recovery journeys.

Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire (ARCNH), founded in 2015 by individuals who overcame substance use disorder (SUD) through spiritual awakening, is a Community Recovery Center in Milford, NH that provides access to various recovery pathways and resources to empower the Souhegan Valley Region community to heal from SUD together.