Healthy Recovery and Happy Holidays!

A Journey of Joy and Well-being


The holiday season is a time filled with twinkling lights, delicious treats, and special moments shared with family and friends. Let’s dive into the magic of maintaining a healthy recovery lifestyle while soaking up the joy of the holidays!

The process of recovery carries a touch of magic, delivering daily gifts in the form of lessons about oneself and life ready to be discovered at any moment. During the most magical time of the year (the holiday season) sometimes the process of recovery feels less magical and more like work. Even though the holidays bring lots of fun and laughter, they sometimes bring extra challenges, too. If you come across some challenges, don’t’ get discouraged, think of them as steppingstones toward your journey of finding peace and joy in your life and in your recovery.

Laina Reavis shared that “the holiday season can be very difficult for people in recovery as well as joyous. It seems like each year comes with new challenges and I try to focus on one challenge each year.” This year Laina is focusing on not putting pressure on herself and just “trying to enjoy the small things.”

Checking in with yourself during the holidays can be a great way to give yourself understanding and empathy to make sure you can maintain recovery while also having fun. It’s all about picking things to do that are fun and that make you happy while also having a recovery plan in place, that includes a list of people to contact with their phone numbers for you to reach out to when you feel you need their support.

This holiday season, make it a point to create memories that will warm your heart for years. You can bake tasty holiday treats, participate in fun crafts, or spend quality time with people you care about. As you unwrap the magic of the holidays, consider the choices you make as special gifts to yourself. Hold onto the joy of the season, surround yourself with positive people and activities, and let each decision be a thumbs up for your pathway to your recovery.

Cool Holiday Recovery Tips:

 If you ever find yourself at a holiday party feeling a bit uneasy, it’s perfectly okay to ask for help. Find someone you trust and let them know how you are feeling. They can be your support person in that moment, they can help you find a quiet place to sit and talk or offer to take you home if you don’t have a way to get there.

There is something magical about the warmth of the kitchen during the holidays. Get together with friends and family to mix recipes and create yummy treats. Baking is not just fun; it’s like creating a bit of magic and you get to enjoy the delicious results.

Create a list of activities you enjoy and revisit the fun games you loved as a child. Plan a sledding party, complete with hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows around a fire pit; or have a cozy movie night with popcorn and your holiday favorites. Planning fun activities can help take your mind off any worries and keep you focused on the joy of the season and your recovery.

Spread the holiday cheer by inviting friends, family, or colleagues over for a decorating party. Set up snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone to enjoy. Put up the holiday decorations together, hang lights and make homemade ornaments. This not only adds to the festive atmosphere but also provides an opportunity to connect with people who are positive to be around for your recovery and during the holidays.

Take a moment to think about the things that put a smile on your face and warm your heart. Create a list of activities, memories, or people that make you laugh, make you happy and that you are thankful for. Focusing on these good things can brighten your day and your recovery journey.

Doing something that is creative and different can be very healthy for your recovery. Your choices and thoughts can become colorful decorations for your special tree. Write down notes, positive quotes, recovery sayings or someone’s name on an ornament. By creating and hanging your new ornaments on your tree that have meaning to you, adds inspiration, sparkle and love to your recovery journey.

Sometimes, all you need is a warm, comforting hug. Give yourself a cozy squeeze by stretching your arms out wide and crossing them over. Place your right hand on your left shoulder, your left hand on your right shoulder, give yourself a big, warm hug. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket or feeling the warmth of the sun on a sunny day. This simple act is a special way to show love and care to yourself because you truly deserve it.

It’s important to remember, you are not alone on your recovery journey, that there are people who care abut you and want to help you. So, as you enjoy the holidays, have fun, and take good care of yourself. Here’s wishing you a holiday season filled with happiness, health and continued success. Let the magic of your recovery guide you through this festive season, helping you create wonderful memories and fell the joy that you deserve to feel.

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